Monday, April 24, 2006

Here's what everyone ended up with.

1) Penny Karma - Mistreated Muppet on a Leash

2) Bezzie - There's Something Worse that Red Heart?

3) Lucinda - The Patons Divine Sweater That Needs a Divine Intervention

4) CoonknKnit - The Purse I Wouldn't Puke In

5) Cpurl17 - Why We Will Always Check Dye Lot Numbers and Never Trust Machines

6) Dkswife - Brokeback Mountain meets Sesame Street
(aka If Grover and Cookie Monster Mated)

7) TurtleGirl - Go Panthers!
(Yeah, if the Panthers are smart, they'll go REALLY FAR away from this gem.)

8) Domestic Overlord - Is that Fourteen Feet of Fiesta Fug in your pocket, or are you plotting to kill me?

Keep on Fuggin' in the Free World!

Stay Tuned for Another FugOff, I mean, if you think we should do another one. I thought it was fun, but we all know I don't get out a whole lot.

Feedback encouraged. Mwah!


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