Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Fug-o-ween!!!!

Investigating the Moans of Talamini Road
Weird NJ Issue 18

Weird NJ The Book – Pages 196 & 197

Many years ago a young boy was killed on this spot by a car speeding along the curves of Talamini road. Since that day, you can hear a disembodied voice yelling “SLOW DOWN”. You need to be going west bound at midnight and doing 55 MPH (in a 25MPH zone). The voice is only heard on the drivers side of the car when you have the window down.

No, I’ve never tried it.

This mailbox is the same one in the picture above, that's under the lower left corner of the "Children at Play" sign.

For the story of the Fug Photo Shoot see my blog.
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