Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The FUG is on the move.

The Fug was spotted today at the World-Famous Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

In the stables of the famous Clydesdales

Crossing Pestalozzi Street with the Tour Group

Enjoying the Free Samples in the Hospitality Room

And, as a double bonus, I got to embarrass my children.

Next stop - SAN FRANCISCO!!

Also, we have another Fugger who wants to join the Par-tay. Dulcedosa! She will be added to the list in the same random way (one of my kids picks a number) and I will update the Fug's schedule accordingly.

Beeb chooses number... 9.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Late Addition:

Booknits would like to join the Fuggin' madness!

Somewhat consistent with the method of randomness I used before, I asked Beeb to give me a number between 2 and 12.

She chose 6.

So the Fug's travel plans have been slightly altered.

Friday, May 26, 2006


AND NOW, Fuggaphiles...

The Very Scientific, completely random drawing to determine the Fug's Itinerary.


Many thanks to my assistant, Beebo.

I will mail the Box O' Fug to the first Fuggablogger on the list, the lovely zephrbabe! Should more participants wish to join up along the way, we'll just cross that bridge if we get there. I'm of the opinion "The more, the Fuglier", but if it just complicates things beyond what my demented little brain can process, well then, I just don't even know what.

But I digress. Here's what's happenin':

1. zephrbabe (you lucky Fugger!!)

2. Dkswife

3. MBT

4. Cpurl17

5. Mermaid_Radio

6. Booknits

7. trillian42

8. littlegoat

9. Dulcedosa

10. Zib

11. Bezzie

12. Ali

13. Batty

14. turtlegirl76

15. DomesticOverlord

On your mark, get set, START FUGGIN'!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bring it!

Let the games begin! I am SO ready to bring on the fug. I knit for a 9 year old girl with somewhat glittery/plasticky/fur-a-licious taste so I have a wide selection of fug yarn to choose from. I am off to ponder my fug...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


1. The Fuggablog is a Random Act of Zaniness intended to encourage creative Fuggery, to rid our homes of unwanted Fug, and to amuse us crazy Fuggers.

2. We will document the Fug's travels right here.

3. The Fug will be started by Penny Karma, and passed to the next Fugger in line. As people join our Fuggapalooza, their names will be added to the sidebar and placed in a hat. When it's time for the Fug to move on, Beeb will draw a name out of the hat, and I will contact the Fug's Current Companion with address information about who it goes to next. That way it stays random, and I can make sure the next person in line is available and not out of town for 2 months.

4. The challenge will end when the FO is returned to Domestic Overlord and she has worked with it for 7 days.

5. On receipt of the Fug you will photograph the piece as it arrives and post it to the Fuggablog blog where the progress of the Fug will be updated. The knittyboard will also be updated simultaneously so that everyone can see what complete Fuggin goofballs/creative geniuses we are.

6. Each recipient can keep the Fug for up to one week (7 days) by which time it must be posted on to the next recipient. Jeez, why would ya want to hang onto it??

7. During your one week custody of the Fug you may invite as many people locally as you like to take part in the project - their contributions must be within your one week day allocation. You can do whatever you like to the Fug - add a sleeve, pocket, soft toy, use whatever size needles you like, increase, decrease, short rows, create a 2 dimensional or a three dimensional addition, add buttons, bows, ribbons, shiny things, and of course, the use of FunFur is encouraged.

8. During the time that the Fug resides with you, you must:

A) add at least one row of Fugly to the Fug. Embellish, graft on to, attach, change colour, pattern, yarn or in any other way increase the Fugliness and/or dubious functionality of the Fug, however you want.

B) after your addition, photograph yourself holding, wearing, or hiding behind the Fug in a public place. Get that? You're submitting a total of at least two photos. Post more if ya want, we don't care. Post at least one of the original Fug as it arrived at your door, and one of you in public sportin' the Fug after you've added your own specialkinda Fug to it.

Then you are free to rid yourself of the Fug.

9. You must NOT frog, remove or alter any work done to date of receipt unless there are specific instructions to do so, which you are entitled to ignore.

10. Please make sure that the Fug is passed on to the next person in a state that is easily picked up - ie stitches placed on a holder, pattern instructions included (which you may choose to ignore) and the Fug securely packaged. The current keeper of the Fug should post a message in this thread about what s/he did to Further Fuggify the Fug.

11. By agreeing to participate you agree to contribute freely your time, ideas, yarn, embellishments and postage to the next person. By agreeing to take part you are putting your work and ideas into the public domain (not that the public domain would want any of it), and as such should be prepared to allow your work to be altered and added to by others. Basically, kids, if you have your feelings hurt easily, then get the Fug out. You're part of a collaborative effort. It's not all about YOU. Unless you're me.

12. The Finished Fug's fate has yet to be determined. Suggestions welcomed.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Signup for the Fuggablog by emailing me or PM'ing me on the board.


Fuggin Gourdesses Myself and DO
Mermaid_Radio (a rutabaga!)
Zephrbabe (also a rutabaga!)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thinking of fug

PK and I have done a little chatting about the fug-a-long and yes, it would be rather like the knit-a-blog but fugly.

Also I mentioned trying to get the finished product into the La Jolla Museum of Modern Art. They have baby doll heads strung up in the garden outside, I think they might like our fug.

That is all.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

YO! Can't Stop the Fug Rush!

So, I was thinkin'.

(Did somebody just say "UH-OH"?)

WHAT IF - we held a Fug-a-long (is that what they're called?). It would work like this. If you have a UFFO (2nd F is, of course, for FUG) or some remnants of Fug Yarn that you'd like to purge from your stash, then I'm talkin' to YOU.

It would begin with a single Fug Item. And then, when the Fug arrives at your door, you would affix some of your own homegrown Fug onto it, however you want. Stitch a scarf to a purse, whatever. Or just embellish it with Patons Pebbles or something. Obviously, we've blown straight past the limits of Good Taste, so we're now limited only by our collective imagination. I know I'm dealin with some incredibly creative people.

And what would we do with the Final Fug? I haven't thought that far ahead. Suggestions?
  • Wanna play? READ THE FUGGIN ROOLZ!
  • What the Fug?
    Add a video to your site