Monday, April 24, 2006

Wrapping it up

I'll be sending everyone the relevant addresses so they can send out their fug to those who actually want(?) it.

I had a total blast with this guys. I say we make it a recurring thing. In fact next time we'll make it three steals before retirement so it can be even more vicious- I mean fun. Yeah, fun.

So lets give it a couple months and test the waters of fugdom for more.

Thanks for the great fun guys!

Penny adds: I think it might be a nice finishing touch if we each submit a photo of ourselves showing off our Newly-Adopted Fug. Kinda like Flash Your Stash, but more like Flash Your Fug.

Oh, and here's a button for next time. Tee hee!

Here's what everyone ended up with.

1) Penny Karma - Mistreated Muppet on a Leash

2) Bezzie - There's Something Worse that Red Heart?

3) Lucinda - The Patons Divine Sweater That Needs a Divine Intervention

4) CoonknKnit - The Purse I Wouldn't Puke In

5) Cpurl17 - Why We Will Always Check Dye Lot Numbers and Never Trust Machines

6) Dkswife - Brokeback Mountain meets Sesame Street
(aka If Grover and Cookie Monster Mated)

7) TurtleGirl - Go Panthers!
(Yeah, if the Panthers are smart, they'll go REALLY FAR away from this gem.)

8) Domestic Overlord - Is that Fourteen Feet of Fiesta Fug in your pocket, or are you plotting to kill me?

Keep on Fuggin' in the Free World!

Stay Tuned for Another FugOff, I mean, if you think we should do another one. I thought it was fun, but we all know I don't get out a whole lot.

Feedback encouraged. Mwah!

Friday, April 21, 2006

A Brief Synopsis.

Ok, so, here's where things stand right now.

1) PennyKarma took the Bear Hug Floor-Length Cardigan.

2) Bezzie took the Fourteen Feet of Fiesta Fug.

3) Lucinda took the Porta-Poopy Tote, along with the Remnants of Domestic Overlord's Medical Career. Chuckle.

4) Cooknknit swiped the Porta-Poopy Tote. So Lucinda went for the Taunting Turquoise Terror.

5) Cpurl swiped the Fourteen Feet of Fug-o de Mayo. Bezzie then went for the Sweater that Swallowed the Dog.

6) dkswife swiped the Divine Cardigan, so Penny Karma took the Mup-purse.

7) Turtlegirl swiped the Turquoise Terror from Lucinda, who then swiped the Divine Bearskin Cardigan. After the second swiping, the Sweater that Ate Cooknknit has now (sob!) been retired from the Fug-Off. Dkswife chose, as replacement for the Big Ol' Sweater, The Coveted Muppet Wrap. Ok, maybe Coveted is too strong a word.

8)DomesticOverlord swiped the "Bartender, May I Have some Fun Fur with my Tequila" Scarf from Cpurl, thereby rendering it unswipable and rendering Cpurl eligible for another pick. For reasons beyond our understanding, she went with the "Lion Brand Lesson in Dye Lots" Sweater.
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