Thursday, June 01, 2006

Additional Fuggaphiles!

Who knew the Fug would garner such a following? Vertias and Blue Canary have surrendered to the Fug's irrestistable charms and joined up!

I think I might have to come up with a better system of adding new playaz, because I would never want to deny anyone the opportunity to participate in such Wacky Fuggery.

This is why I'll never be in Management. I have vision, but I'm indecisive. Perhaps I could put "Masterminded Fuggablog" on my resume. When I apply to be a ice cream truck driver.


Thanks to the input of Fuggabloggers Turtlegirl76 and Trillian42, we've come up with a new and better way to plot the Fug's Global Domination Tour.

The original itinerary is tossed out.

As people join our Fuggapalooza, their names will be added to the sidebar and placed in a hat. I think the Open-Enrollment policy is part of the fun of the Fuggablog, don't you?

It's on it's way to person #2 (Zephrbabe) now, so from here on, Beeb draws a name out of the hat, and I will contact the Fug's Current Companion with address information about who it goes to next. That way it stays random, and I can make sure the next person in line is available and not out of town for 2 months. Of course, I probably should have checked with Zephrbabe first, but hopefully it won't be an issue going forward.

In short, the Fug's position will be a closely-guarded secret until the next person posts on the blog a picture of the fug as it is upon arrival at their door.

Hope this doesn't mess anybody up too much - I think it will be more fun this way.

The end destination will remain Domestic Overlord.

Does anybody know of a way to track the Fug on a map that we could post here?


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